Foster The People - Torches

Foster The People - Torches

Released: 27/6/2011
Label: Columbia Records

Debut album from Californian based Indie-Pop band Foster The People.

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Our Review

Having only been together as a band for about 18 months, Foster The People have had a somewhat quick route to becoming pretty well-known. Mark Foster leads the way backed up by drums and bass from his 'People'; creating the name of the original band 'Foster and The People' which then went on to evolve into what it is today after fans repeatedly misheard it.
There are no prizes for noticing how electro-indie influences like MGMT and many others have heavily shaped the sound of the LA trio, but that being said they still manage to maintain a unique sound that can't really be pinpointed to one particular band.

'Torches' is FTP's debut album which was released in May to fairly favourable reviews. The album opens with three excellent tracks 'Helena Beat', 'Pumped Up Kicks' and 'Call It What You Want'.
It appears that the opening track 'Helena Beat' is the one single that has the most influence from bands like MGMT and Black Kids. It's ludicrously addictive and catchy from the first listen but somehow failed to gain any place on either the US or the UK music charts.
'Pumped Up Kicks' is next on the playlist, which will probably be the track people will remember most, after listening to Torches in its entirety, as it's easily the best track on the album. It features calm talking-type singing over a heavy repetitive bassline which immediately reminded me of Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz. It got a release in June and managed to climb to a respectable 27 in the UK singles chart.
While all songs are worth talking about on this excellent debut, other more mentionable tracks are 'Call It What You Want' which breaks into a dancey Empire of the Sun –esque piece, 'Houdini', which FTP may be releasing next as their third single and the ending track 'Warrant'.

Overall this is a beautifully catchy debut album by a band that we have definitely not by any means heard the last of – thankfully!
- 8/10 thinkofmusic

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